Improvisation as an Ensemble

This summer I had the pleasure of working with an extremely talented group of young orchestral musicians through the Chicago Metamorphosis Orchestra Project Summer Music camp. While much of the repertoire focused on well-known orchestral works, I was able to experiment with the ensemble on creating a new piece which challenged the ensemble to better listen to one another and develop improvisational skills as an ensemble.  The piece's main theme was composed by the camp's music theory students and their input can be heard in the resulting "Theme and Variations".  I then arranged the work for the ensemble and we began rehearsing the piece in July.




Creativity is essential to the art of music. We consider music an art because of its creative capacity. Without originality and personality, music ceases to be creative but rather ends up recreating.

I often used to stress out about my playing, worrying about how I would never be good enough to be the best trumpet player. This worry was short-lived and also ludicrous because I’m not even sure what being the best means. Does it mean I can play higher than other players? Louder? Faster, longer, more correct notes? Who knows? Somewhere along the way I realized that I had much more success if I stopped worrying about what I couldn’t do and focused on what I could do.

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Composed and premiered a new work entitled Lost in Translation at the 7th Annual Chicago Calling Festival on October 5 for Nu Directions Chamber Brass!
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