Premiere of Lost in Translation

Thomas Madeja's latest composition- Lost in Translation-premiered on October 5, 2012 by Nu Directions Chamber Brass. The concert was entitled "Interpretations & Translations" and was part of the 7th Annual Chicago Calling Festival.

The Chicago-based Nu Directions Chamber Brass performed “Interpretations and Translations,” part of Borderbend Arts Collective’s seventh annual Chicago Calling Festival on October 5. Led by Artistic Director and trumpeter Thomas James Madeja, NDCB performed an eclectic mix of new music written for various combinations of brass and percussion that explored forms of communication, such as language and how humans interpret one another. The concert featured the premiere of a new multi-disciplinary composition for full brass and percussion ensemble, including vibes and electronics, entitled Lost in Translation. NDCB performed at Hyde Park’s unique intimate venue, Southside Hub of Production. Lost in Translation is a four-movement work that examines different aspects of human interaction. “I wanted to explore, both through music and words, different situations in which we tend to misinterpret or misunderstand our fellow human beings, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not” says Madeja. Written for narrator, trumpet, horn, bass trombone, vibes, computer, and percussion the movements are entitled Culture Shock, Generation Gap, Pas de deux, and Common Ground. Each movement is accompanied by an original poem written by newcomer Brian Crusoe. Borderbend’s seventh annual Chicago Calling Arts Festival is an ideal collaboration for Nu Directions Chamber Brass. The Chicago Calling Arts Festival is part of Chicago Artists Month 2012, the seventeenth annual celebration of Chicago’s vibrant visual art community. Chicago Calling is a multi-arts collaboration festival that brings together Chicago, U.S., and international artists to collaborate in a range of prepared and improvised art forms, such as music, dance, film, literature, and mixed media. The Festival runs from September 27-October 13 at various locations.
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Composed and premiered a new work entitled Lost in Translation at the 7th Annual Chicago Calling Festival on October 5 for Nu Directions Chamber Brass!
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